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Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and mystery. The Demon Portal has been opened and dark creatures are racing into your world, so it’s up to you to find the Sword of Shadows and close the Portal once more. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time.

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Read the Quick Start guide for a basic start. Check out the other links for spoilers, cheats, and deeper walkthroughs. Leave your own wisdom in the forum below.

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Untitled Document A lot of people ask, "What level should I be at for so-and-so area?!" so I thought I'd put together a bit of a guide. Keep in mind that this is a guide only, and by no means a definitive source. Some people may be able to get through these areas at a lower level while some may feel the need to level up much higher.

I've also added in some useful tips for some of the harder areas but for the sake of those who don't want to read about certain areas, I've made these tips hidden as white font. Highlight the spaces to read them.

The levels suggested here are what I consider the minimum level you should be at to be able to survive in each area. These suggestions assume that you have the best weapons and armour available, plus an adequate store of restoratives.


Spiders: 1-2
Keep Rhen's stick equipped, and eat bread or rest when needed.

Enter Shadwood Academy: 2
You will gain five levels once you join the Academy, which means you'll be at least level 7, which should be enough to handle all the monsters in the forest.

Wild Chickens, Rats, and Snakes: 6
Once you've become a novice Sword Singer, these should be no problem.

Lorad: 6-8
If you haven't already, buy the practice sword and whatever other armour you can afford from Veldarah's armoury. Then go fight Lorad using Slide Thrust. You should be able to defeat him eventually.

Northern Isle: 10
I usually go with one spell apiece for Rhen and Lars from the Academy to help them survive in the Northern Isle. Save the other four slots in their schedules for higher-level spells.

Wildwoods: 15
At level 15, Rhen and Lars can learn their most advanced Academy skills. Without the advanced spells (especially Rhen's Trinity Fury and Firefly Ballad, which hit the entire enemy party pretty hard), it can be rather difficult. If you didn't leave room in your schedule for the higher-level spells, then you may need to go higher than level 15.

Land's End: 18-20
Earth Elementals are resistant to magic attacks so your party should be strong enough with melee attacks to take them on. You should have found a cutlass for Rhen in Aveyond to boost her attack power.

Mt. Orion, Nanghaithya: 20-25
If you haven't already, make sure Rhen and Lars have graduated from Shadwood Academy before you get to Mt. Orion. Once you've done that, buy the Orb Staff and Flood Orb for Lars from the necromancer's shop (it'll boost his attack power) in Veldarah and pick up Elini, as well. Cave Spirits are weak against Lightning Scroll Spells, which you can buy from Veldarah, but seem to be resistant against all other spells. Ensure you have lots of restoratives (especially MP restoratives for Elini), and don't forget to make sure Elini has good armour.

Halloween Hills: 25-27

Lowlands, Sandstone Caves: 30

Mystery Manor: 30-33

Highlands: 33-35

Blackbone Caves, Tawrich: 35-40

Peninsula, Thieves Caves: 38-41
The monsters of the Peninsula are melee attackers. In the Thieves Caves, magic will not affect the monsters there so make sure your party has good weapons. Useful tip: You also may want to take out Lars in your party and replace him with Galahad, who is more of a melee fighter (Galahad is actually useful for something!).

Ice Caverns, Indra: 40-42
Make sure you have at least one star or spry amulet and equip Dameon with it to keep him awake. If your other party members are put to sleep, wake them up with one of Dameon's spells. Equip the rest of your party with either star/spry amulets or ice amulets.

Rootwell: 41-45

Southern Isle: 42-48
Try to get to Veldt as soon as possible, facing as few monsters as possible, and upgrade your weapons and armour. The monsters of the Southern Isle are generally melee types.

Demon Caves: 48-55
Warning: this is a difficult area! And some people may find it harder than others, depending on what strategies they are using, so take the suggested levels with a grain of salt. In any case, equip your party members with fire amulets, as the monsters in the Demon Caves use fire magic. Be warned, however, that these monsters have equally deadly melee attacks. One trick I found useful was to use Rhen's Time Twist with the Sword of Silence, which has the chance of putting some or all of the enemy party to sleep, allowing you to attack in relative safety. Red dragons can also be taken care of fairly easily by making them go beserk.

Lamp Land, Saurva: 52-58
The path is long and difficult so make sure you bring lots and lots of restoratives to last you. Around level 50, Rhen should learn Flame Melody and equip the Sword of Might for Mountain Yawn if you want an attack that hits all enemies. Combined with Te'ijal (equipped with the Soul Pendant), the two should pack quite a punch. If you want some defense, Dameon's Shield Exura will probably be the most useful against the Asps and Myrs. However, they also have powerful magic attacks, although you can try to silence them to prevent this, forcing them to use melee attacks (which Shield Exura should dampen) or to not attack at all.

Thais/Blasted Lands: 55
I recommend dodging the red wolves when you first enter, and follow the path straight to Thais. This way, you can get the best armour and weapons available to you in the game to help you fight the red wolves and rogues.

Dreamworld: 55
Equip your party with star or spry amulets, as the monsters can put you to sleep. As for weapons and armour, make sure you have whatever you can get from the armoury in Thais. The Shivens are resistant to melee attacks (thanks Rainy!!), so this is one area in which you may not want to have Te'ijal, Pirate John, Galahad, or Mad Marge. Dameon's Silence Extora works rather well on the monsters to prevent them from casting their nastiest spells on you (although they also have very strong melee attacks, so watch out for those too).

Agas: 60-65

Dark Caverns, Aesma: 62-67
You can equip your party members with Toad Amulets from New Witchwood because the monsters can curse you. Also be warned that these monsters have the ability to make your party members go beserk, so a fellow party member may attack you! Dameon's Shield Exura will probably be the most useful shield here, although the monsters are also capable of casting spells (e.g. Mesmerize).

Ahriman's Lair: 70+
The monsters here are extremely tough. As such, level 70 may be too low for some to go in with. In any case, make sure you have lots and lots of restoratives with you because you'll need them. Although the choice is entirely yours, I find the best party to be: Rhen, Lars, Dameon, and Te'ijal/Elini (choose).

For the wyverns, Rhen can use her Nightbird Song, Lars can use his strongest spells or status-altering spells, Dameon can heal and shield (the Fire Shield, which will protect against Bomb and Thermal Storm (thanks Abby!!), or Shield Exura will probably be the most useful against the wyverns), Te'ijal can whack away, and Elini can use either Aesma or Red Demon Summon. Unfortunately, there's no real easy way to get through this area, so save often and keep at it!

For the Angels of Death, you can try this strategy: (Thanks Astral_Sorcerer!)
1st turn : Dameon uses Sheild Exaura while others are attacking
2nd turn : Dameon uses Dark Sheild whle others are attacking ***
WARNING! If you have Te'ijal in your party and that she holds the soul pendant, she won't be affected by the second shield, so, better for you to swap these turns!
3rd turn : If one party member fainted, make Dameon use raise on it. If MORE then one, use Revive extora.
4th turn : Try to keep this state. Ususally, the Angel shouldn't be able to do more then 400 - 500 damage, if it uses Gate exaura. If it attacks, not more then one.

Ahriman: 75+
There are many, many strategies and ways to fight Ahriman, and different people will tell you different things. In any case, I always find it a good idea to hit Ahriman with status-altering spells at least in the first round, like Decompose or Silence. Te'ijal's Final Embrace can also put Ahriman to sleep. Once you have his status sufficiently altered, attack him with everything you can throw at him. Rhen's Nightbird Song is her most powerful attack. Sun Fury is Dameon's. You can use Lars defensively (instead of Dameon) when needed, as I find Dameon's Sun Fury does much more damage than Lars' attacks, but when no defense is needed, use Lars' strongest spell. You can use Elini's stronger summons, like Aesma, but if you find it takes up too much MP, you can stick to Red Demon Summon (if you chose that particular druid's gift) as it does a fair amount of damage for a relatively small amount of MP. Or if you choose to use Te'ijal or Pirate John, just whack away! Those are all the tips I have. Good luck!!


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