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Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and mystery. The Demon Portal has been opened and dark creatures are racing into your world, so it’s up to you to find the Sword of Shadows and close the Portal once more. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time.

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Untitled Document AVEYOND1 Build A & Build B MONSTER GUIDES
by Tiniponi (with hp and special attack/defense by K.T.C.)

NON-BOSS MONSTERS (bosses follow)

Ghalarah and Veldarah ---
Attic spiders: (~10hp); 1gp, 2gp, and 1gp& 1 bread loaf, respectively

Spider: (~15hp); 5 XP; 0, 1, or 2gp
Wild Chicken: (~15hp); 8 XP; 0 or 5gp, or 5gp & 1 wild berry

Cave Snake: (~25hp); 12 XP; 6 or 8gp, or 1 wild berry
Mouse: (~15hp) 8 XP; 2, 5, or 6gp

Lorad (Academy): (~300hp) ; 100XP; (graduate to advanced level)

Northern Isle ---
Feral Ox: (~125hp); 40 XP; 5 or 15 gp, or 3gp & 1 haunch
Snow Wolf: (~79hp); 30 XP; 5 or 8gp, or 9gp & 1 wild berry

Bee: (~35hp); 30 XP; 15 or 20gp
Griffin: (~230hp); 60XP; 18gp, 15gp & 1 Covey Balm, or 2 covey balm; SHOCK

Banshee/Harpee: (~485hp); 200XP; Voice Box

Magic mushroom: (~205hp); 75XP; 20gp, 15gp & 1 wild berry, or 1 Covey Balm; FIRE FLICKER or CHARM (sleep)

Cave Frog: (~40hp); 30XP; 10 or 15gp

Wildwoods (Eastern Isle) ---
Crow: (~205hp); 80XP; 32 or 43gp, or 27gp & 1 wild berry
Werewolf: (~255hp); 120XP; 42, 48, or 52gp; BITE (poison)

Halloween hills (Eastern Isle) ---
Bat: (~200hp); 90XP 170XP; 28 or 32gp
Swamp Slime: (~125hp); 130XP; 52 or56gp, or 42gp & 1 Covey Balm
Vampire: (~285hp); 135XP 180XP; 95gp, 25gp & 1 Cassia Leaf, or 25gp & 1 Venison 130gp, 147gp, or 125gp & 1 Cassia Leaf; FEAST (sleep)

Were Bat: (?hp); 120XP; 28gp or 32gp
Zombie: (?hp); 130gp, 147gp, or 125gp & 1 Cassia Leaf

Lands End Temple area (Eastern Isle) ---
Ravwyrn: (~310hp); 170XP 90XP; 130 or 147gp, or 1 Lightning Spell 95gp, 25gp & 1 Venison, or Lightning Spell; CYCLONE
Earth Elemental: (~325hp); 175XP 100XP; 125 or 155gp, or 1 Emerald 52gp, 56gp, or 42gp & 1 Covey Balm; SIREN CALL

Mt Orion (Eastern Isle - Lands End Area)
Ravwyrn King: (?hp); 135XP; 95gp, 25gp & 1 Venison, or Lightning Spell; CYCLONE
Cave Spirit: (?hp); 130XP; 95gp, 25gp & 1 Venison, or Lightning Spell;
Fire Griffin: (?hp); 130XP; 52 or 56gp, or 42gp & 1 Covey Balm;FIREBALL
Fly: (?hp); 100XP; 52 or 56gp, or 42gp & 1 Covey Balm

Western Isle ---
Rat: (~0hp); 0XP; 12GP; (Stop plague)

Locust: (~424hp); 300XP; (Stop crop destruction)

Lowlands ---
Prairie Snake: (~464hp); 200XP; 200 or 210gp, or 210gp & 1 Marsh Tea
Cursed Stone: (~562hp); 230XP; Cursed Armor, 250 or 275gp; CYCLONE
Succubus: (~480hp); 230XP; Dark Helmet, 190 or 230gp
Wasp: (~510hp); 210XP; 180, 200, 210gp

Mystery Manor:
Male Cultist: (?hp); 200XP; 200gp, 230gp, or 1 Marsh Tea
Female Cultist: (?hp); 200XP; 200gp, 230gp, or nothing
Dorvan (?hp); 300XP

Sandstone Caverns near Gentle School for Children:
Toad (who has kidnapped *someone*): (~848hp); 300XP; Tiny; WART ATTACK (curse)

Peninsula ---
Goblin: (~525hp); 300XP; Iron Sword, 310gp, or 290gp & 1 Venison
Orc: (~700hp); 350XP; 1 Chain Mail & 1 Iron Helmet, 170gp & 1 Bronze Sword, or 230gp

Nemesis: (~517hp); 320XP; 0, 200, or 230gp; HEAL
Enchanted Tree: (~725hp); 350XP; 230gp, 150gp & 1 Serpent Amulet, or 1 sapphire, CURSE

Poison Toad: (~536hp); 330XP; 1 Marsh Tea, 200 or 230gp
Cave Fly: (~485hp); 310XP; 0, 200, or 230gp

Black Bone Caves
Sickle Snake: (?hp); 335XP; 200gp, 230gp, or 1 Marsh Tea
Rasp: (?hp); 315XP; 200gp. 230gp, or nothing

Thief Caves: (Sandstone Caves near Dirkon)
Night Orc: (~715hp); 380XP; 1 Axe, 300 or 320gp
Giant: (~1600hp); 400XP; Chain Whip, 280 or 320gp

Snow Caves (Northern Isle) ---
Silven: (~945hp); 410XP; Silver Staff, 0 or 250gp; ICE PECK, ICE KISS (sleep)
Ice Slime: (~1000hp); 430XP; 0, 1 Emerald, or 2 Emeralds; FREEZING SLIME

Ylisfar/ Rootwell ---
Nippet: (~1078hp); 590XP; 520gp, 2 emeralds, 1 sapphire
Kracken: (~1317hp); 530XP; 520gp, 2 emeralds, 1 sapphire

Banshee: (~1396hp); 600XP; 0gp, or 1 Sapphire, or 1 Diamond

Banshee Queen: (~1763hp); 700XP; Root Nectar, CHARM (sleep)

Southern Isle ---
Hyena: (~913hp); 530XP; 490, 500, or 510gp

Centipod: (~?hp); 520XP; 320, 470, or 490gp

Scorpion: (~910hp); 590XP, 520gp,1 sapphire, or 2 emeralds; POISON STING (poison)

Demon Caves ---
Imp: (~?hp); 500XP; 600 or 610gp, or 590gp & 1 Auquifolium
Blue Dragon: (~?hp); 570XP; 1 emerald & 1 sapphire, 3 emeralds, or 665gp

Red Dragon: (~?hp); 1000XP; 640gp & 1 Auquifolium, 1 Diamond, or 1 Harpee Staff

Through locked door:
Wyvern: (16,000hp); 3000XP; 0, 1 Elixir, or ?

Angel of Death: (33,000hp); 4000XP; 0, 1 Elixir, or ?

Thais ---
Rogue: (~2510hp); 1000XP; 1 Silver Sword, 2 Sapphires, 3 Sapphires

Red Wolf: (~2020hp); 800XP; 2 Sapphires, 3 Sapphires, or 430gp & 1 Sapphire

Thais Caves ---
Winged Snake: (~?hp); 2000XP; 0 or 570 gp, or 590gp & 1 Auquifolium

Lizard man: (~?hp); 1500XP; 0 or 610gp, or 590gp & 1 Cassia Leaf

Dreamland ---
Shiven: (~?hp); 1500XP; 2 or 3 Sapphires, or ?

Dream Witch: (~?hp); 2000XP; 2 or 3 Sapphires, or 430 gp & 1 Sapphire


Ghed'ahre cathedral (Dark Temple):
Zarich: (~1000hp); 300XP; Rashnu's soul; Elini learns Zarich; WEEVIL, LIGHTNING STRIKE, HEAL, SHOCK; (Rashnu's frozen body is in another part of cathedral)

Lands End Temple:
Nanghaithya: (~2000hp); 600XP; Vohu Manah's soul; Elini learns Nanghaithya ; HEAL, THUNDERSTORM

Western Isle/Clearwater caves:
Tawrich: (~7865hp); 1200XP; Armaiti's Soul (Agriculture) (Green Rock Temple/Clearwater); Elini learns Tawrich;

Ice Caverns: (Northern Isle through Ice Castle)
Indra: (~5000hp); 2500XP; Daena's Soul; Elini learns Indra; ICE STORM, HEAL, F/URY

Demon Caves - Southern Isle
Saurva:(~?hp); 4000XP; Eithera's Soul; Elini learns Saurva

Thais Caves
Aesma: (~?hp); 8000XP; Vata's Soul_Time; Elini learns Asema/Aesma

Agas: (~?hp); 10,000XP; Dreamer's Tear; Elini learns Agas

Stronghold Temple: (Demon Caves on Southern Isle - locked door)
Ahriman: (61,000hp); 30,000XP (I'm miles away from getting to him!)

NOTE: My thanks to MagickWielder, Bitbit, K.T.C., and Guest for their contributions!

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