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Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and mystery. The Demon Portal has been opened and dark creatures are racing into your world, so it’s up to you to find the Sword of Shadows and close the Portal once more. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time.

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WARNING: Only use these if you are completely and utterly stuck, otherwise these WILL spoil the experience.


What are the Swords of Power, and where can they be found?

- Sword of Chaos - Eastern most part of the New Witchwood/Swamp; buried
- Sword of Light - The network of caves near Dirkon, on the Western Isle. In a chest.
- Sword of Silence - In the Icy Caves, Northern Isle. The caves with the Moon Druid.
- Sword of Might - Southern isle, Demon caves, in a chest
- Sword of Dreams - The dreamworld, head west after entering, its in a chest in a cave
- Sword of Shadows - Given after finding all the druids. Get it in Aveyond

What different guilds are there, and where can they be found?

- Mage Guild - In Sedona
- Annihilator - In Veldt
- Necromancer - The Necromancer in Veldarah
- Time Masters - Thias
- (I could have sworn I found another somewhere)

What party members are availiable, and how do you get them?

- Rhen - Automatic
- Lars - After you get the Priestess's ring back and go to the Empress
- Elini - Ave1 - after talking to Oracle in Sun Shrine; Ave2 - after graduating as full-fledged Sword Singer, near Wildwoods
- Damoen - If you talk to him in the Sun Temple, he will join you (after you have got the Music and Darkness druids)
- Te'ijal - After defeating the demons below the church, she is in a house in Ghed'ahre, though you will need to help her with something
- Sir Galahad - After someone attempts to assasinate the King
- Pirate John - Once youve got the Dragon Bridle on the dragon, you will find him in a hut on the Veniara islands
- Mad Marge - Sour Ale Tavern in Veniara islands

Where are all of the druid locations?

- Armaiti, Druid of Agriculture - to the east of Clearwater, in caves
- Vahu Manah - Druid of Music - On the eastern isle, by the southernmost port, where the earth elementals are (Lands End). Northeast corner of the map.
- Eithera - Druid of Strength - Stronghold Temple, by Demon Caves in Southern continent
- Rashnu - Druid of Darkness - Beneath the church in Ghed'ahre
- Vata - Druid of Time - Across the Rainbow bridge by the faires (Northern continent) for the body, south of Thias for the soul
- Daena - Druid of Wisdom - Ice castle, Northern continent (have to complete the Snow Queen quest)
- Dameon - Druid of Light - (Joins party, in Aveyond after you lead two druids there - Darkness and Music)

What are all of the items in the rooms below Aveyond?

Moon - Six diamonds OR Dizzy Doll
Time - Cloak of Invisibilty OR Gauss Shield Spell - Cloak makes most monsters disappear; Shield spell repels a lot of damage of all sorts.
Skull - Bag of silver coins OR Sun Block - Sunblock will help you get another party member
Strength - Mithril Rapier OR Red Demon Summon - rapier is only for Pirate John, Summon is only for Elini
Music - 20 Emeralds OR Sleep Flute
Agriculture - Cooking Kit OR Climbing Guide - Climbing Guide can help you get charmed orb and Clock of Undying Loyalty; Cooking Kit will get you lots of haunches (50HP)

List of places and their continent:

Eastern Continent: Ghalarah, Veldarah, Ejindro, Wildwoods, Ghed'ahre, New Witchwood
Northern Continent: Aveyond, Teacup Town, the Fairies,
Western Continent: Sedona (Penninsula), Clearwater (Highlands), Brumwich (Lowlands), Dirkon (Penninsula), Gentle Children School (Lowlands), Thieves Hideout (Penninsula) Oldwoods Elves place (Lowlands), Squirrels place (Highlands)
Southern Continent: Veldt, Demon Caves, Stronghold Temple, Dragon...And Veniara Islands.
Thias Continent: Thias, Mysten Far

How do you open the blue and gold chests?
After getting a boat, you can buy it from a person who often sells illicit goods
On the east Veniara island, a pirate sells a picklock for 300 gold

Where do you get a shovel?
Near where there are lots of graves!
Do two mini-quests for a witch in New Witchwood


Ive completed all my tasks, now what?
Have you found Lars as well? Go back to your owner and she will tell you to go to bed. After doing so, the next part of the story will come into play.

Where do I find the key for the ghost town/Ejindro?
Much much later in the game. If you are later in the game then:
When you give King Lionel back to the elves, it will be your reward

Where do I find a book for the book collector in Ghalarah?
You will need a shovel: It is the far south-west of the jungle between Ghalarah and Veldarah

What great deed do I have to do to become a sword singer?
Explore the wildwoods area and you may find the answer
You have to defeat the hind, who is at the southernmost point of the wildwoods area

Where is the boar?
In the jungle
Go through the first cave on the way to the ghost town Ejindro. Just outside the first cave you will find the boar...In this case, there is a better reward for doing the evil option, but neither reward is great.

Where is a wizard to un-curse the boar?
Its someone in Veldarah that the locals arent happy about
The necromancer, at the south of the city, a shop marked with a star.

Wildwoods etc

How do I get Elini to join?
Ave1 - after talking to Oracle in Sun Shrine; Ave2 - after graduating as full-fledged Sword Singer

level not important ... you must have gone the Aveyond and talked to the Oracle. - tiniponi

How do I defeat the Hind?
There are two things you need, which people near the wildwoods will hint for you
You need a mirror and beeswax. The beeswax is in the Northern continent, the mirror is in the shop with the key sign, in Veldarah

How do I get the boat dealer a wife?
Explore the wildwoods area for someone unusual for the boat dealer
Find a witch in New Witchwood, who says she is uninterested in Gavin, and lead her to the boat dealer

Where can I find a ghost to haunt the vampiress's house?
Much much later in the game you will get this opportunity...Though you have probably already met the ghost...
Once you find the key for Ejindro, a ghost will ask for a house to haunt, and will travel with you as a guest.

Where is Danny?
Talk to some people in the inn in Wildwoods, they may help.
He is in Ghed'ahre, in the house where there is no person, only a ghost. He is lying on the table at the back of the house.

How can I get the ruby slippers?
Listen to what she says: She believes another witch has them. Though she wont hand them over until you do her a favour.
It is the witch who is looking for a SludgeMaster, once you get her it, she will give back the slippers

Where is the elephant garlic?
In the trees/swamp area, far left; buried.

Northern Continent

How do I get the beeswax from the bees?
Try reading some books from bookcases
You need the smoke bomb, which can be bought from Teacup Town

Where can I get a bottle to capture a fairy?
Much later in the game, you will get one, dont worry about it until your level is high enough to leave the northern and western continents
On the western continent: Go to Sedona city, and it will be in an item shop.

What should I do with the Lionel statue, give it to the thieves, or to the elves?
If you give it to the thieves first, you can do both...
The thieves then sell it on to the pirate who sells picklocks in Veniara island, and you can buy it pretty cheap, then give it to the elves.

How do I get a goose for Dirkon?
Perhaps some fairies can help...
Go to the fairies and complete the quest the prince gives you: rescue Tiny. The goose will be your reward.

Western Continent

How do I find a painting for the art collector?
Its painted by someone young, someone a bit morbid...
Take Theodore from New Witchwood to the Gentle Children School. Once there, talk to him and he will give you his painting. If he doesnt, go back to the art dealer and converse with him again, then go back to Theodore and he should give the painting.

Where is some birdseed?
With the squirrels. In the Highlands, they are in a cave in the SW. Use a map of the Highlands to find the path. In the cave you can take the birdseed. Make sure you have spoken with the empress first.

How do I find out who stole the corn?
It was the squirrels, in a cave, SW on the Highlands map.

Veniara Islands & Southern Continent

How do I get Pirate John to join me?
You must have the dragon bridle on the dragon first

Where is the keg for Mad Marge?
On the Northern island.

Where is the kettle for the alchemist?
You will need to complete most of the main quest(s) until you get this opportunity
It is in the place below Thais, to the south west of Thais.

Where is a dragon bridle?
To get it you need to complete a quest for someone rich and important.
The Empress in Veldarah will give you a quest, and in reward you will get the dragon bridle.

How do I cure the elves posioned water?
In the last tree there is a ladder leading downwards, and you will come to a cave. Down there eventually you will find the harpy. After killing it, it will no longer be poisoned.

Thais/Mysten Far

Where is Thais?!
To the east of the world map, you cannot get there by ship.

Where is the Time druid's soul?
SE of Thias, in a cave; use map in game to help you.

Where is the Time druid's body?
Youve most likely been there before, but you havent had the required item to get there.
Beside the fairies in the northern continent, you need the Dreamers Tear to get there.

How do I get the Dreamers Tear?
From the dreamland. Remember how you got there in Ahriman's Prophecy?
Go to Mysten Far, in the basement, and touch the statue, and you will enter the dreamland. From the entrance, head in the east direction.

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