Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and mystery. The Demon Portal has been opened and dark creatures are racing into your world, so it’s up to you to find the Sword of Shadows and close the Portal once more. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time.

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Read the Quick Start guide for a basic start. Check out the other links for spoilers, cheats, and deeper walkthroughs. Leave your own wisdom in the forum below.

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Lars Guild Spells (tiniponi & luvly_hui)


Burn: MP 60; Burn an enemy with dark magic

Weevil: MP 70; Infest an enemy with weevils

Sacrifice: MP 85; Sacrifice an enemy and take its mana and health

Blight: MP 95; Cause blight amongst the enemy party

Soul Song: MP 105; Steal an enemy's soul

Plague: MP 115; Cause plague amongst the enemy party

Sour Breath: MP 130; Disgust your enemies with your breath

Death: MP 150; Give one enemy the kiss of death


Charm: MP 60; Charm an enemy to do your bidding

Backstab: MP 70; Stab an enemy in the back

Poison: MP 80; Poison an enemy

Chicken Curse: MP 90; Turn an enemy into a chicken

Assassinate: MP 100; Assassinate an enemy

Rumor: MP 120; Spread a rumor and make the enemy party fight amongst themselves

Whisper: MP 140; Whisper death into an enemy's ear

Malice: MP 160; Deadly silent attack on the enemy party


Implode: MP 65; Make an enemy implode

Thermal Storm: MP 75; Conjure a thermal storm and use it against the enemy party

Earthquake: MP 95; Start an earthquake beneath the enemy party

Bomb: MP 115; Blow up an enemy

Absolute Zero: MP 120; Freeze an enemy

Annihilate: MP 130; Annihilate the enemy party in a nuclear explosion

Blast: MP 150; Blast an enemy with a magic explosion

Shredder: MP 170; Rip the enemy party apart


Motion Freeze: MP 65; Freeze an Enemy

Fast Forward: MP 75; Make an enemy age

Trance: MP 90; Put an enemy into a trance and do your bidding

Time Storm: MP 110; Make all enemies age

Reality Shift: MP 120; Change the laws of reality for all enemies

Gate Exura: MP 130; Send enemy through a gate to another dimension

Riptide: MP 150; Drown an enemy in an energy riptide

Last Hour: MP 170; Toll the bell of death

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