Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and mystery. The Demon Portal has been opened and dark creatures are racing into your world, so it’s up to you to find the Sword of Shadows and close the Portal once more. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time.

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Read the Quick Start guide for a basic start. Check out the other links for spoilers, cheats, and deeper walkthroughs. Leave your own wisdom in the forum below.

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The Beginning – Clearwater [begn]

- Starting a new game -

The game starts off with a scene of a priestess being heavily wounded and left for dead by one of the Dark Lord Ahriman’s subordinates, Agas. Struggling to remain alive, the Priestess constructs a butterfly out of light, and sends it out to seek help. The screen then show credits as the butterfly flutters to Clearwater, where Rhen, the protagonist, is.
Enjoy the music! It is truly breathtaking.

- Finding Dyonna the herbalist -

Rhen saves the priestess and brings her from the cliff back to Clearwater through the magical portal. Rhen’s father then appears, recognizes Talia, and takes her to his and Rhen’s home. From where Rhen is, head left, go up the ladder and enter the house with a fenced yard, beside the bridge. This is Rhen’s home. Rhen’s father (Pa) will then send you to find the herbalist Dyonna Lauzrel to treat the priestess’ wounds. From Rhen’s house, walk east across the bridge, climb up the ladder, walk west across another bridge, keep going west as far as you can, then climb to reach Dyonna’s house.

- Finding the Marionbells -

After the priestess’ wounds are tended, Rhen’s mother (Ma) gives Rhen an empty basket, and tells her to pick 5 Marionbell flowers in preparation for Clearwater’s annual celebration, the Spring Equinox Festival. Four of the Marionbells are located in the area where your childhood friend Peter is. To get those, head down the ladder and back to the area where Rhen first appeared in the game. You’ll find two of the flowers on each side of the bridge. For the final Marionbell, go through the cave beside the Clearwater sign and you’ll find the flower in a small grassy area. Once you pick the last Marionbell, dusk will fall, so head home, give the Marionbells to Ma, and head to bed.

- Ahriman’s schemes -

When Rhen sleeps, there is a cut scene showing the Dark Lord Ahriman. He is still trying to kill the priestess after his first attempt failed, and summons Dameon, the Druid of Sun (Sun Guardian). Dameon, who was betrayed by the Sun God and is now working under Ahriman, plans to turn his mother, the priestess, into a slave.

When Rhen awakens the next day, the house is empty except for the priestess whom Rhen rescued. Talk to her, and she will say that Rhen is the chosen one, and present Rhen with a magical Priestess Ring. After putting the ring on, talk to the Priestess until she says she is tired and will talk to you again tomorrow.

Now it’s time to check out the village. Enjoy the music as it changes to a festive tune!) When you’ve explored the village thoroughly, head over to the cave, where Rhen’s childhood friend, Peter, is now standing. He tells Rhen that he and Jenna are going to look for Billy Harper’s sheep, and invites Rhen along. Agree and follow Peter into the cave. But instead of seeing Peter, you’ll find a strange man blocking your way. Speak to him, and Rhen will expose her Priestess Ring during the dialogue.

This causes the stranger to mistake Rhen for the priestess he forces a pair of slave bracelets onto Rhen. Despite her protests and struggles, Rhen is shipped to the Eastern Isle, where the slave trade is flourishing, and sold to a family in Ghalarah to begin her new life as a slave.

Rhen’s Days As A Slave – Ghalarah [rhsla]

- Killing the spiders – Battle tutorial -

Rhen, now a slave dressed in rags, is working for a family in Ghalarah. Her owner, Mistress Rona, is a mean and demanding woman while her son, Lars, is proud and arrogant (this has been made worse by the fact that he has been recruited as an apprentice sorcerer for the Shadwood Academy in Veldarah, which is truly a great honor.) Mistress Rona asks Rhen to check the chore list on the desk in her room. One of the chores is to kill off the spiders in the attic. You should make use of this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the battle system in Aveyond.

Make sure to save regularly, that is, before and after killing each of the spiders. You never know when Rhen could bite the dust! If your HP gets too low, you can eat the bread you can loot from one of the spider corpses, or go sleep in your bed to restore your health.

So, head up to the attic in the house and you will see three purple spiders crawling about. In order to fight them, walk up to them and hit the Enter key or spacebar, and you will trigger a battle (“Time to die, spider!”). A battle screen will then pop up and fighting commences. There are four options available: Attack (deal a physical attack); Skills (use magic spells or skills); Shield (defend for a turn); and Items (use items from inventory). Just deal physical attacks to the spiders and they should die after a few hits. After a spider dies, you’ll find that Rhen is now facing a mass of squished spider. Welcome to an interesting aspect of Aveyond – you don’t get money and items straight after battle, you have to search the corpses for them! Remember to loot the corpses by pressing the spacebar or Enter key while standing on top of them!! This is going to be the main way for you to earn money and receive items from battles in Aveyond.

After killing off all the spiders in the attic AND looting all the corpses, head back down and talk to Mistress Rona. You have now completed your first chore, so you should move on to your second one.

- Getting Lars’ traveling clothes from the seamstress -

You’re now free to walk about and check out the city of Ghalarah, so do so. The seamstress Terlin lives in the first house to the left after walking down from Lars’ home. When Rhen talks to Terlin, she hands Rhen Lars’ traveling clothes. You can chat with her for a while, though you don’t have to if you want to carry on. After you’ve explored enough, head back to talk to Mistress Rona and she tells you to get Lars back home for supper. (Lars can be found with his snotty friends in a clearing between the trees at the southern part of the town.) When you deliver his mother’s message to him, he refuses to listen and even uses a magic spell to remove Rhen’s slave bracelets in his annoyance. (Yay!) When Rhen reports back, Mistress Rona punishes her and forces the poor lass to go to bed without giving her dinner. Oh well. So head back to Rhen’s room and sleep off the hunger.

- Rhen’s powers awaken -

The next morning when you talk to Mistress Rona, she tells you to look for Lars, since the envoy from Shadwood Academy will arrive at any time to fetch him. Head outside the house and go downwards, and you’ll see Lars bullying Eddie/Edie, a slave boy. Approach them, and Rhen sticks up for Edie. In the process, she somehow manages to use a stick to cast a spell on Lars. This catches the eye of two strangers nearby and they approach her. Turns out the two, namely Ghelda and Lorad, are the envoy from Shadwood Academy, and they marvel at Rhen’s ability to draw magic from a mere stick. (You see, in Aveyond, Sword Singers are normally only able to draw magic from metal.) They soon decide that Rhen has the rare and powerful talent of a Sword Singer and officially release her from slavery. They then present Rhen with a token that proves her freedom as a citizen and servant of the Empress, and tell her to head to the academy in Veldarah.

Ghelda then leaves with Lars to prepare for the journey, while Lorad stays to answer Rhen’s questions. After talking to Lorad, head back to Mistress Rona, who now refuses to let you stay the night. Rhen can now leave Ghalarah and head to Veldarah. You can sleep at the inn instead, if you have the money to spare and feel that Rhen needs her shut-eye, but it’s recommended that you just carry on to Veldarah, especially if you’re using the 10-15 hour demo...

- Traveling to Veldarah -

Well, firstly, this area is actually quite big, with quite a number of things you can get, so you can jolly well take your own sweet time to explore. Meanwhile you can also fight monsters to earn enough money for you to stay at the inn in Ghalarah should you ever need the rest and HP replenishment (one stay costs 10 gold pennies). Initially, you can train with the spiders, and then head back to town to rest or to purchase restorative items. When you’re confident enough, fight the wild chickens as they give more experience points and gold pennies than the spiders. If you want to train even more after that, you might want to consider training with the snakes and mice in the caves, west of Veldarah, until you’re satisfied with Rhen’s level.

In order to reach Veldarah from Ghalarah, first head to the right, past the bridge, then just follow the dirt path. You’ll see a signpost. Continue following the dirt path, go up the ladder, and when you reach the point where there is a ladder heading down into a valley, head up instead of down. Then, move to the left and you should see a bridge. Cross it, move to the right, and go up where there is a small gap between the trees. You’ll then see an opening to a cave on your left and a ladder leading down to a lower platform to your right. Head down the ladder and continue right, following the cobblestone path, and you’ll reach Veldarah. Try making some little detours on the way to Veldarah. You might find some nice stuff. ^_^

The Learning Journey – Veldarah [jrny]

- Rhen, the apprentice Sword Singer -

Once you head to Veldarah, we recommend that you check everything out, just for the heck of it! Veldarah is an absolutely beautiful place that was hand-drawn by Amanda. ^_^ But if you want to continue with the plot, then go on ahead to Shadwood Academy! It’s in the northwest part of town. Go there and talk to Headmaster Harald, a man in a little room on the first floor of the academy to the left of the main entrance. Enjoy more dialogue, and then follow his instructions

Your room is on the first floor of the Academy - enter the courtyard, then go to the left door and search the rooms one by one. Yours is the first one on the lower column, with a bed and treasure chest inside which holds your student uniform. (Don’t forget to change out of your slave rags by accessing Rhen’s school uniform in your inventory!) After a nice sleep, and a cut-scene, go outside and you’ll be challenged by Lorad, one of ‘talent scouts’ who brought you here! Use Slide Thrust, a new Sword Singer skill that Rhen has learned, and he should fall quickly. Don’t worry about HP and MP – if you just keep using Slide Thrust, he should fall soon. If you have trouble (and you might if you entered Shadwood at a very low level), you can buy and equip a practice sword (and armor, if you can afford it). This will make the fight much easier. Also, fighting spiders, chickens, mice and snakes will gain you levels, gold, and items, and also make the fight easily winnable.

Once you defeat Lorad, you become an official apprentice Sword Singer, and discover you have gained 5 levels during your time at the academy! (Note: If you enter at a higher level, you only gain 4, not 5.) With Rhen’s new apprentice class schedule, you are now free to learn 5 spells from the classrooms on the highest level of the academy. If you want Rhen to learn the more advanced spells, but her level is still too low, you may want to consider going out of Veldarah to train a bit more, before coming back to learn the skills. (Level 15 is enough for Rhen to learn the most advanced spells the academy has to offer.)

- Meeting the mysterious priestess again -

You’re probably wondering what to do, now that Rhen has all the good skills that you want her to have. Well, maybe you should head back to your room, sleep and see what happens tomorrow! In your dreams that night, you will hear the priestess voice, saying that she will be able to find you as long as you wear the priestess ring. So, your new task is to look for the ring! If you want to make a little detour, you can go back to Veldarah to get some updates from the woman who had bought the ring from the slave trader. (Also, you can receive a quest from a man who is now in a room on the second floor of her house.) But ultimately, in order to find the ring, go to the Junk Shop in Veldarah. (It has a key for its sign and it is located near the entrance to Veldarah itself.) You’ll see three items for sale: a ring that looks very familiar, a birdcage and a mirror. If you have enough money, get all three … you will need them all eventually. Otherwise, just buy the very cheap ring. When you leave the Junk Shop (or when you equip the ring) the priestess that Rhen met a few months ago appears! After a long dialogue, you find out that she is the Dreamer Talia, and she tells you to go meet the Empress of Veldarah. After another lengthy dialogue, this time with the Empress, you discover more details of your mission. Lars will also join you during the speech, because he insists that he’s the best sorcerer in the land. *rolls eyes*

- Getting to Aveyond -

Before leaving Veldarah, go pick up Lars, who is in his room at the academy. (Don’t forget to have him learn his advanced Academy Spells.) If you have any spare money, get some better equipment and supplies from the various shops around town. Head out of Veldarah, and you’ll see Talia waiting at the town’s entrance. Talk to her, and agree to escort her to Aveyond.

To get to the World Map from Veldarah, go west, then up a ladder, then southwest through the trees. Now head back south over the bridge, and east again. When you see a ladder, go down it and head northwest, then cross a long boardwalk west and northwest. You will end up on the Eastern Isle World Map.

To the north is the ferry which takes you to and from the Northern Isle, where Aveyond is. To the east (you have to go south, then east around the trees, and north again), is the boat dealer. Talk to him and he will ask you if you know anyone who’s looking for a husband. You don’t, but when you find someone suitable, return to him and he will offer to sell you his Rowboat. Explore the rest of the Eastern Isle. To the south is Wildwood; don’t go there until you’ve been to the Northern Isle, because the monsters here are tougher. To advance in the plot you need to go to Aveyond. Pay the ferry man 20 GP and he takes you to the Northern Isle. (Note: the Ferry costs 20gp to go to the Northern Isle, but nothing to return to the Eastern Isle. Also, no matter where you left it, if you go to either the correct Northern or Eastern Isle drop-off spot, the Ferry will automatically be there for you. This is very handy if you rune to either island and don’t have a rune to get back to the other.)

As usual, you have two options. You can proceed directly to Aveyond, or you can take your time and explore. Thornkeep, a snowy village, and home of the Mountain King, is to the north. If you head east, then north, then west, you will be at the mines. Here you can rescue a man (you can trigger this quest by first talking to his wife in Thornkeep, but it is not necessary to do so, as you can also save him without triggering the side quest; it depends on how you wish to go about playing your game). There are also a few caves that contain treasure, so look around thoroughly. To get to Aveyond, head to the east and south and around the lake to a cave. Once through it, you will be back on the Northern Isle world map. You can either go the Ice Palace and talk to the Snow Queen, or go east and through another cave to the grassy area which is Aveyond. The Sun Shrine is located to the northeast in this grassy area. Just follow the signpost.

You should also visit Teacup Town, home of the binis. Here you can buy a smokebomb, an item needed to calm bees to obtain beeswax. (For more details, refer to the section: Rhen’s Mission: Aveyond) In addition, you can also help Morsel get his voice box back from the harpy to the northwest of Teacup Town.

To the south are the Memory Caverns. Through this cave network is a beehive, fairies (which you will need later in the game), and some treasure. You will need to come back here later to progress on the plot. (Note: When you catch a fairy, it will heal your active party, restoring all HP/MP. If you have the Portal Stone Easter Egg activated, one of them will sell you Memory Caverns Travel Runes.)

Rhen’s Mission – Aveyond [missn]

- A New Prophecy -

Talk to the Oracle at Aveyond and you receive some disturbing news. Ahriman is on the rise again, and this time, it’s up to you to save the world. He has captured the souls of 6 druids: Rashnu, Druid of Darkness; Vohu Manah, Druid of Music; Armaiti, Druid of Agriculture; Daena, Druid of Wisdom; Eithera, Druid of Strength; and Vata, Druid of Time. Your quest is to defeat the daevas guarding their souls and return the druids to Aveyond. Only Dameon, the Sun Priest, remains, although he is away from the Sun Shrine at the start of the game. Later in the game, you can have him join you on your quest, but is he really what he seems to be? (Remember, you saw him in the beginning of the game…?) Each time you save a druid, a door will open in the Sun Shrine’s basement treasury, and you can choose one of two gifts to keep. Once you have saved all the druids, a secret door will open, and the Sword of Shadows will be revealed. It is the only sword that can defeat Ahriman, and it must never be broken, because it contains the souls of demons, who would be released to wreak havoc on the world.

If you didn’t explore the Northern Isle thoroughly (except for the Ice Caves behind the Snow/Ice palace ... they’re way too tough for you at this stage in the game), do so before leaving it. You will find treasures and receive some quests, and also gain experience and loot from fighting the monsters. If the monsters are too tough for you, you might want to level up a bit more around Aveyond and the Memory Caverns.

- Wildwoods – Becoming a full-fledged Sword Singer -

Once you have visited the Northern Isle and the Sun Shrine, you should be at a level high enough for you to enter the Wildwoods without getting killed by the monsters in the area. On the way to Wildwoods, you will meet Elini, who is searching for a husband. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to marry the Boat Dealer (his legs are too skinny ) . But fortunately, that means she will join your party while she searches. Once you have become a full-fledged Sword Singer, she will join you. (Your level doesn’t matter.)

In Wildwoods, you will likely need to use magic on these monsters to kill them without being injured by them. When you get to the grassy area, head down and you will see a building – Wildwood Tavern. Enter the place and scout for some information. Be sure to read the poster on the wall and then talk to the Tavern Owner. As you explore the rest of Wildwood you will find that the entrance to Halloween Hills is closed off due to unnecessary staking of its citizens. Well well.

To the east of the Wildwood Forests are some frozen men…hmm…you’ve heard of a hind that turns men to stone…could she be nearby? Remember you have to do a noble deed in order to graduate from the academy? Well, this is that deed. When you have defeated the Hind and taken proof of the deed to Harald, the Shadwood Headmaster, Rhen will be made a full Sword Singer and Lars a full-fledged Sorcerer!

Make sure you have a mirror to reflect the hind’s gaze, and wax to plug your ears, or she’ll freeze you too! (For more details, please refer to the side quests guide)

So, what’s the big deal about passing this Trial? Well, nothing much, except Lars can join a guild and learn some awesome spells, and Rhen will be able to use Sword Singer Skills and special Swords of Power she finds along the way. Rhen and Lars also will get new cool outfits to change into. XD (Meaning, stop the Hind or you’ll stand to lose out!!) After ‘stoning’ the hind, take the Hind’s Harp from around her neck. With this, you have the necessary evidence for Headmaster Harald and there you are, graduates of Shadwood Academy!

Before heading out of Veldarah, be sure to buy the Birdcage from the Junk Shop, so you don’t have to come back for it later.

The Druid of Music [dr_msc]

- Getting the Druid’s Soul -

Vohu Manah, the Druid of Music, lives in Land’s End Temple, also known as Harmony Temple. Land’s End is through one of the east exits in Wildwoods. From the signpost just south of the Wildwood Tavern, walk a few steps east, then south and east until you are in a grassy area of the Eastern Isle World Map. Follow this grassy area to the right and up, and you will enter the Land’s End area. If you venture about, you will see a bridge, and south of that, a canyon blocked by a ferocious dog. If you explore across the bridge, you will find a chest with Pomegranate seeds in it, and Land’s End (Harmony) Temple. Inside are Vohu Manah’s frozen body and a skull on a pedestal. (A skull … hmmm … where have we seen something about a skull before? *wink*). It’s time to off to find the druid’s soul…

Head over to the western side of the area, and you should see two cave entrances. One of them leads to the Waterfall Caves, where you will find a bone on the ground. The other leads to the Mount Orion caves, where you will see an altar and a boat on the other side of the cave. (NOTE: if the boat is not in front of the cave entrance on the other shore, please see the ‘defeating the Mt Orion boat bug’ section.) Check out the altar and you will discover you need to give something as an offering. Now, if you explore the grassy area enough, you will find pomegranate seeds in a chest. With the bone and the pomegranate seeds, head over to where that barking dog was, and use the bone to distract it. Now follow the path and you will see a field and an elderly woman. Speak to the woman and ask her to plant the pomegranate seeds in her Enchanted Garden. Exit the screen (by exiting the area or entering a cave) and return to the field, and you should be able to collect your pomegranate.

Now, head back to Mt Orion, and place the pomegranate on the Altar. A wind will blow and move the boat to the near shore. Board the boat, and it will automatically carry you to the other shore, just in front of the cave there. Now you can explore the rest of mount Orion, and find an ogre’s house; the ogre mutters illegible stuff to you. (He is kind and friendly though, so he won’t hurt you at all.) Search his place and you will find something special (hint: it is not in a chest). After that, continue on your journey up the mountain until you come face to face with the daeva Nanghaithya.

For a battling strategy, just make sure that Elini is constantly summoning, and Lars can cast offensive spells and, and heal your party as needed. Rhen can attack and use spells. The daeva should die in no time and you will receive Vohu Manah’s soul for winning this battle. Elini will also learn Nanghaithya (summon Ravwyrn) if she is an active party member. This is one of her best spells for much of the game, as it hits the entire enemy party with a powerful fireball spell.

- Saving the Druid -

(Note: Be sure to plant the second set of seeds you find ... you'll need the resulting plant later.)

Collect Vohu Manah’s soul orb, and take it to the temple where his frozen body is. In gratitude, he will give you a Skull which will unlock the door to Halloween Hills. Return him to Aveyond and he will offer you a special gift from his part of the Aveyond Treasury. You can choose either the sleep flute, or 20 emeralds. It is advised to take the item, instead of the cash value gift, but it isn’t so important this time. The sleep flute is effective on weaker monsters and even some very of the powerful last stage monsters, but doesn’t always work on the stronger ones. The emeralds can help to buy the boat, but you can always earn money (and level up at the same time) by fighting monsters.

The Druid of Darkness [dr_drk]

- Getting the Druid’s Soul -

You now have the means to unlock the entrance to Halloween Hills. (NOTE: Before you go there, be sure to buy a Garlic Necklace from Wildwoods Tavern, if you haven’t done so already, as well as a stake/stakes if you want to join the Adventurers’ Club or earn money by selling vampire corpses.) Now place the Skull Key in the keyhole to unlock the gate to Halloween Hills.

New Witchwood is to the east after you enter Halloween Hills. Ghed’ahre, where the daeva Tawrich and Rashnu, the Druid of Darkness, are, is to the northwest of the signpost.

You can buy various items in New Witchwood (including Toad Amulets), as well as complete several quests. You can also receive a shovel, and find the Boat Dealer a wife here. To receive the Shovel (and who isn’t desperate for one by now?), bring Gretchen a Stinkrot Root (found in a chest in the eastern part of Halloween hills), and then deliver a package to Hilda for her. After this, Gretchen will happily give you her shovel. (YAHOO … all those tantalizing dirt piles and graves are now fair game!)

You will also want to talk to Griselda, who just happens to be looking for a husband. Take her to the Boat Dealer, and he will offer to sell you his rowboat.

Now that you have a boat, come back to new Witchwood and talk to Theodore’s mother, and agree to take him to the Gentle Children’s School. He will then join your party as a guest.

There are other sidequests here, so explore and talk to everyone. One involves bring a SludgeMaster 2000 to NW, for which you will be rewarded with Ruby Slippers. (A child in the NW pet shop needs them back, and taking them ti her results in a quite nice reward. 

Now it’s time to head toward Ghed’ahre, the Vampire town, but on the way, explore Halloween Hills thoroughly, and use your shovel to dig up treasures and helpful and essential items.

WARNING: If you have stakes in your inventory, you can accidentally kill the vampires (one for each stake). The vampire at the entrance to town sells various items, one vampress has a quest for you, and the vampires in the Cathedral have information for you. Vampires essential to winning the game, as well as one who can join your party, are not ‘stakeable’, but it is your choice whether to stake all the others.

Explore Ghed’ahre thoroughly, and talk to all the Vampires and Vampresses. You will meet Te’ijal, a Vampress who longs to leave Ghed’ahre and explore the world, but can’t do so because she doesn’t have any super-strong Sunblock (remember this!). As you explore, you will also find two vampire boys who yearn for Elephant Garlic. If you explored Halloween Hills thoroughly as we suggested, you already have the item needed; if not, then head back to the southwestern part of Halloween hills and dig to find it. Once you have the Garlic, give it to them and watch a ‘humorous’ scene. Pick up the resulting ashes and head to the Cathedral near the town’s entrance.

You might want to step through the door to the right of the entryway and check out the Temple of Darkness and Rashnu’s frozen body, but this isn’t necessary. Talk to the Cathedral Vampires and then play the organ. This opens up a door to an underground area of the Cathedral, so head through it. When you come to a room with many coffins, search them, and you will discover a hidden ladder to an underground maze. Climb down the ladder and continue exploring.

You will find a room with four coffins, three enemies, and a door. On the other side of that door are four monsters in a big hall; search this hall for Leyrvo’s Lamp. (Remember the name … it will come in handy later.) This area also has one of the best areas for levelling up in this part of the game: fight the vampires and bats, step through the door, fight the other group, step through the door, fight, etc. If you start running out of Restorative items, you can leave and buy more. You will level up very quickly doing this. (tiniponi: I used Elini’s Ravwyrn Summon, which usually killed the entire enemy party at one zap … the others just rode ‘pickup’, in case her spell didn’t quite finish the job. I went from level 31 or so to level 51 or 52 in a short time.)

Once you’ve levelled up to your satisfaction, exit the Cathedral and search/dig in the Graveyard beside it (you need the shovel, obviously). You will discover a secret passageway, climb into the hole, and Leyrvo’s Lamp and the Vampire Ashes will automatically be used to reveal the hidden door to the Crypt Maze.

In Aveyond gamefiles downloaded from amaranthia.com on July 13 or later, the Crypt Maze is short and fun. In earlier gamefiles, the Crypt maze is more difficult and much longer. This walkthrough is based on the shorter Maze.

All but two switches you activate open a door; tripping them a second time has no effect. (Those two odd ones are in the Color Block Puzzle room.) To start, trip the two switches on the eastern end of the maze … one opens a door in the southwestern part, so head there then. (Note: don’t neglect the side passages … they contain treasure chests and monsters to fight.)

If you think you’ve tripped every switch and have explored every area, but haven’t found the Color Block Puzzle, then you missed something. There are times when you need to backtrack ... for instance; you need to go through the horizontally-rolling boulders at least four times. Keep exploring until you find your way through.

To get past rolling boulders merely requires getting the timing right. (Exactly when to move is partly computer-dependent, based on how quickly the party moves in response to your command.) One of the wonderful things in Aveyond is that you can save anytime, anywhere (except during battle, of course), so make liberal use of that … save often, and in multiple slots. There are 20 save slots in Aveyond version 2 … make liberal use of them.

There is a path through the opening and closing black holes, in case you don’t want to try timing your steps to get through them.

When you do make it to the Color Puzzle room, read the plaques above the empty block holders to get clues about which block is to be placed in each. Slide the appropriate colored one into place. (Note: try to not slide them against the wall if not necessary … one of them has a bug that can crash the game.) When you’re satisfied you have them all in the correct place, flip the switch just above the central empty block holder. If you have the puzzle set correctly, and new block will appear. (If it doesn’t, or if at any time you want to restart the puzzle, flip the switch beside the door to reset it.)

Step on the new block to be transported to the area behind the doors at the eastern end of the Maze. You will find yourself between two locked doors and in front of two switches. The left switch operates the door leading back to the Crypt Maze entrance … you will need to use it after defeating Zarich if you don’t Rune out. The right switch opens the door to the final part of the maze, where you must complete four Word Puzzles. The answers to those are as follows:

1) Vampire
2) Werewolf
3) Ghost
4) Leyrvo

Aright! Just a bit more of exploring, and you will find the daeva that took you so much time and effort to reach – Zarich, whose attack is almost totally magical. Have Lars cast while Rhen and Elini just do the worst damage they can with their most powerful spells. Lars can cure whenever necessary. After a while Zarich will fall…

- Saving the Druid -

Now that you’ve defeated Zarich, you can collect the Soul Orb (just press spacebar while facing, and standing adjacent to it), and take it back to Rashnu in the Darkness Temple, through the eastern door of the Cathedral entrance area. He will thank you, and join your party as a guest. Once you take him back to Aveyond, you can choose a gift from his treasury. You get to choose between a bag of silver coins and sun block. … Wait. Sun block … Sun block?? Now, didn’t a really charming vampress just ask for that so she could venture out of the dead city of Ghed’ahre?

The Druid of Agriculture [dr_agri]

- Getting the Druid’s Soul -

After getting the boat dealer a wife, you should definitely get the rowboat. It is slow, yeah, but well it gets you to the Western Isle and that’s all that matters.

On the Western Isle, it is best to go south to the Lowlands first. The monsters there are much easier than in the Highlands, and you can receive quests and treasures, as well as upgrade your equipment in Ylisfar (Oldwoods). The Sandstone Caves are in the Lowlands, as are the Blackroot Caves (accessible from Rootwell) and you can gain a lot of experience in them. The Mystery manor can be reached through the Sandstone Caverns, and, while you will need to do a quest here later, you can visit it now for easy levelling-up.

Also in the Lowlands are the village of Brumwich, where you can get more quests and buy items, and the Gentle Children’s School, where you need to take Theodore, the child you picked up in New Witchwood if you followed this walkthrough. (Hint: After leaving the school, go back in and talk to the Headmaster, then go talk to Theodore again. He will give you an item you’ll need later in the game.)

When you’re comfortable fighting the monsters in the Lowlands, it’s time to head into the Highlands. Stop by the building just inside the entrance and try to open the inside door. The man standing there will then tell you about the Peninsula Trade Route, and what is required to enter it. (This is your only way to walk to Sedona in version2.) To access the Route, you need a Merchant’s Card you can get after rescuing Armaiti, the Druid of Agriculture, who lives in the Green Rock Temple. Now, exit the building, and follow the path until you reach a signpost.

From the signpost, you can reach the Green Rock Temple by climbing the ladder and exploring then northwest. You can wait until you’ve received Armaiti’s soul by defeating Tawrich but if you want to go there now, here’s the way. Climb the ladder and then follow the path across two short bridges and up a ladder and into the cave just north of it. When you exit the cave, cross the short bridge just below and go west and then north. After climbing two ladders, you will be at the Green Rock Temple. Inside are the frozen body of Armaiti, and a magically shielded chest. Only Armaiti can open it, so you can go back out and explore if you like.

When you reach the signpost again, follow the path east until you see a bridge. Go down the steps just before the bridge and follow the path. When you reach the ‘lake’, head west through the second opening in the trees, and then north, and you will find the Militant Squirrels Cave. You can work on completing an optional quest you received in Brumwich, but remember where this cave is. It will be mandatory to return to it for two other quests later in the game. Now head back to the path and continue south and east along it, and you will come to Velgerd’s Cottage. Behind the house you can see a cave opening, but the gate leading to it is locked. Enter the cottage and talk to Velgerd, and he will tell you he will open the gate to the Blackbone Caves if you’ll get his Glass Eye back from his brother in the south. The daeva holding Armait’s soul is in this cave system

If you want to explore the Highlands now, feel free to do so. However, for brevity, let’s head back to the Lowlands to look for Velgerd’s Glass Eye.

Dorvan, Velderd’s evil brother, lives in the Mystery Manor, which you can only reach by going through the Sandstone Caves. To access those caves, head back to the Gentle Children’s School, but instead of going through the gate to the school, walk through the gate just a bit below and to the right of that gate. Down the steps and to the east, you’ll find the entrance to the Sandstone Caves. Inside, follow your left hand until you exit on a mesa just across a short bridge from the Mystery Manor. Enter the manor and defeat the cult members along your way. There are lots of doors here, so take your time – the cult members are easy to defeat and they give reasonable money for their difficulty as well. Eventually you will find Dorvan, who is a bit of an unpleasant chap. Challenge and defeat him and he will reluctantly give you Velgerd’s Glass Eye.

Now return to Velgerd’s Cottage in the Highlands, and give his magic eye back to him. He can now see to find the Key to the gate behind his house, and will allow you to enter the Blackbone Caves.

This place is really big, but it is fairly straightforward. Here is what I (hui) posted on one of the threads to guide a player to the daeva straightaway. However, make detours as often as you possibly can so that you will not miss out on any items. This path serves only to guide the players to the daeva in the most direct way.

(Copied from www.amaranthia.com, for the whole thread, please visit this page: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/ipboard/index.php?showtopic=8741)

“…from the first screen, move to the left and you will see a rock. go up straight and you will see two rocks. go past that, you should see one rock somewhere to your northwest. go there, then head up and follow the way. go past the door to go into the second screen.

from the second screen, go down all the way. you should see two rocks clumped together, with another sole rock nearby. head over to the third sole rock, and go down and then right. ignore the path marked by the two rocks towards the south. go up in the direction of the sole rock instead. from there, head all the way up, then right, then down. follow the path and you will see a door. go through that, and you will arrive at the third screen.

from the third screen, it is pretty straightforward. there are lotsa rocks blocking your way, so just go past all of them and you'll easily find yourself in the fourth screen with four holes and the daeva. there you are! tawrich, at last!”

For actual battle with the daeva, Tawrich – fight sneaky. Unless you’re incredibly strong, it’s going to be easier to kill the daeva if he’s not hurling spells at you. If you have spells that make him sick, or silence him, use them. If not, then just keep on trying. (You might need to level up more, though).

- Saving the Druid -

Once you have Armaiti’s soul, take it back to Green Rock Temple and restore it. In gratitude, he will give you the Merchant Card which will grant you assess to the Peninsula Trade Route. Return him to the Sun Shrine in Aveyond. You choice of gifts is this: either a climbing guide, which enables you to climb ropes after having read it (which means you can get the Cloak of Undying Loyalty), or a cooking kit, which means that after you loot monsters, you receive meat. The climbing guide is probably better, because you can’t get the Cloak any other way, but you can always buy food or rest somewhere. Anyway, for people who bother to train up, chances are, by the time you reach a new area, you will be powerful enough to not need to buy food or restorative items…

The Druid of Wisdom [dr_wis]

- Getting the Druid’s Soul -

Now, I’m sure you have triggered the side-quest to reconcile the Mountain King and Snow Queen, right? (If you haven’t, you need to make your way back to Thornkeep.) You need to capture a fairy and have probably been looking for a bottle to do so, correct? The bottle will be sold in the Junk Shop in Sedona, but you have to complete certain side-quests before the shipment carrying it will arrive. So, let’s head to the lovely city of Sedona now.

Now that you have the Merchant Card from the Green Rock Temple you can use the Peninsula Trade Route to get to Sedona. When you try to enter the inside door now, the ‘guard’ will take your card and unlock the door. Enter the door and you will be in a short tunnel which opens into the Peninsula, where Sedona, Dirkon, and the Thieves Caves are.

Enter the first northern opening in the woods and you’ll see and talk about a Nightingale in a tree in the middle of the clearing. Remember this location … it will become very important a little later in the game.

Now, continue west, and you’ll come to a signpost:: North – North port (Skudder is there … you can buy it in Sedona); West – the wealthy town of Sedona; South – the poor town of Dirkon.

You can enter Sedona right away if you like, but to save a bit of time, you might want to step into the Thieves’ Caves first. (You will see the entrance to the cave on your way to Dirkon.) Reach the thieves hideout, and you will realize that the thieves are not speaking to you. Never mind. You can go visit Dirkon now, and trigger a side-quest if you like. (Hint: There is one Elixir in the Cave next to Dirkon.)

Now head back to Sedona … there’s a lot to see and do there. You can even buy a manor, if you like! Take your time with the exploration, and when you’re all done, head to the castle and speak to the King. You will trigger a side-quest if you have already visited the thieves hideout. Galahad, a paladin, will now ask to join your party. Allow him to do so, and head back down to the thieves hideout.

Once there, strike a deal with the thieves and do what they want. If you explored the town thoroughly, you know where to find the statue they require. Once you get give it to the thieves and you will get the information you need. Take the information to the King, and then you might want to talk to the peole in Lord Gavin’s Manor.

Now go to the Items (junk) shop, and the Bottle will be available … finally! With bottle in hand, return to the Memory Caverns and capture one of the fairies. (You can also trigger the Tiny side-quest now. (You must have saved Dirkon from Plague for the Tiny quest to be triggered.. ~~tiniponi)

Take the Fairy-in-a-Bottle to the Mountain King north of Thornkeep (well, what do you know … my wife was right!), and then deliver the Snow Flower to his wife, the Snow Queen. She will rush off to rejoin him, dropping a Key on her throne. Hmmm … she doesn’t need that key now, so ‘borrow’ it. You need it to open the locked blue door in the Ice Caverns, which is where the daeva Indra is holding the soul of Daena, the Druid of Wisdom.

Explore the Ice Caverns thoroughly, and you will even find one of Rhen’s Swords of Power (Silence)! After a while and with little difficulty, you should be able to find the daeva who has stolen Daena’s soul – Indra.

Have Rhen cast offensive spells, and Te’ijal attack Indra physically (assuming you have already gotten an Elven Rapier for her from Ylisfar). Lars or Dameon can heal or cast status effect spells, and Elini can summon demons. Indra is pretty tough, as are the Silvens and Ice Slimes in the caves, so make sure you make the effort to level up if you’re having any difficulty with them.

- Saving the Druid -

Restore Daena’s soul to her, and return her to Aveyond. She offers you the choice between 6 Diamonds or Dizzy Doll. The Dizzy Doll works the same way the Sleep Flute does, except that it inflicts the Dizzy status onto your enemies. Depending on which you are more interested in you can make your choice, as neither are plot-related items.

The Druid of Strength [dr_str]

- Getting the Druid’s Soul –

It’s time to head to the Southern Isle now, on your faithful ship, the Skudder. Stop at the northern Southern Isle dock, and look in the cave just east of it … WOW … a DRAGON! ‘Look’ at it and a conversation will take place about it.

Now you can head on to Veld, the only city on the island. It is in the far northeast part of he Southern Isle. Be sure to visit Veldt and buy amazingly better equipment than you’ve been able to buy before. It will come in very handy in the Demon Caverns. There is also a trainer in one of the houses where you can gain 400XP for 500gp. It is a slow way to train, and requires a lot of money, but you can do that if you prefer not to have to fight the Southern Isle monsters to level up more. (The monsters in the Demon Caves are decidedly tougher than the Hyenas, Scorpions, etc, of the Southern Isle wilderness.)

Also, be sure to visit the Queen who will talk about her husband and the Fancy Lamp beside her. Hmmm … I wonder if that lamp has any significance.

The Curator of the Veldt Museum will give you a quest to bring her the Belt of Hippolyte, lost in the Demon Caves (If you do so, she will give you a Dragon Orb for Lars’ Staff … VERY nice.)

When you‘re rested and feel prepared, it’s time to start your search for Eithera, the Druid of Strength, and Saurva, the daeva holding her soul.

Eithera, lives in the Stronghold Temple in the Demon Caverns south of Veldt. (They aren’t called the demon caves for nothing, so watch out!) Make sure you buy and equip fire amulets, as these help a lot. From the southern dock of the Southern Isle go north-east to a large lake with a signpost below it, and then go south from there. (From Veldt, follow the river south until you find the signpost.)

Once you are in the Caves, go through the opening to the north-west, and follow the road. You will enter a fortress-looking area. Search thoroughly, and you will find the Sword of Might (for Rhen), the Fire Axe (for Galahad), the Shield of Madness, and the Belt of Hippolyte in various chests.

Continue exploring until you find a Genie Lamp. Rub the Lamp and talk to the Genie, and he will tell you a demon has moved into his Lamp (I wonder who that might be? ) and will ask you to find him another home. When you’ve explored and fought to your heart’s content (or if you just want to get out of those caves and away from those monsters pronto), head back to Veldt.

When you enter the Castle this time, you will see the Queen’s husband standing beside her. Talk to the Queen again (pay attention to the conversation … part of it is funny), then fight Ugart, her husband. When you’ve defeated him, you will have their respect. Talk to the Queen yet again, and she will give you the Nightingale Quest. (Yahoo … you’re finally on your way to the first step of obtaining the Dragon you saw earlier.)

‘Look’ at the Fancy Lamp beside the Queen after talking with her.

Don’t forget to take the Belt of Hippolyte to the Museum Curator, if you want that Dragon Orb for Lars.)

Be sure to rest and stock up on restorative items before entering the Lamp. When you feel you’re ready to tackle it, rub the Genie Lamp in your inventory, and you will enter Lamp Land, which Saurva has possessed.

Save at the Save Crystal (hint: in MORE than one saveslot just inside Lamp Land. The glowing star on the ground is your only way out of Lamp Land once you enter it, Saurva is a long way from the entrance. Be prepared for some really tough fights.

When you finally find Saurva, this strategy may help: If you have Te’ijal and Pirate John, have them attack physically, and let Rhen and whoever else you have use their worst spells. If you have Dameon, let him use a shield spell, because otherwise the daeva can easily take the weaker party members out in one blow.

- Saving the Druid -

With the Soul Orb in hand, head back through the long maze of Lamp Land to the portal , and exit. You will be back wherever you were when you entered the Lamp. (This is a handy way to level up whenever you like.)

Now, head back to the Demon Caverns, and this time go though the northern exit from the entrance chamber. This leads to the Stronghold Temple, where Eithera’s frozen body is. Restore her soul and take her to the Sun Shrine in Aveyond. She will give you a choice between a Mithril Rapier and a Red Demon Summon spell. The Mithril Rapier is a very strong weapon for Pirate John (but of course the elven rapier is the best one), while the Red Demon Summon is a summon spell for Elini that allows her to attack the entire enemy party with a low Mana usage. Depending on your preferences with party members you can make your own choice…

The Druid of Time [dr_tm]

- Getting the Druid’s Soul -

Although the Time Shrine, where Vata, the Druid of Time, is frozen, is across the Rainbow Bridge in the Memory Caverns, the daeva, Aesma, is in the Dark Caverns near Thais. To save Vata, you need to go to both Thais and Mysten Far, both inaccessible to the Skudder. That means we now need to complete the Nightingale Quest, so we can get on with catching the Theyor Dragon we saw a bit earlier.

If you have followed the walkthrough so far, you already have the Nightingale Quest in your Journal, and the Birdcage in your Inventory. Head back to the Western Isle, through the Peninsula Trade Route, and into the Peninsula. The Nightingale is still in the same tree in the same clearing in which we saw it before (imagine that ). Approach the tree, and Lars will say you need Birdseed to catch it. Birdseed … oh yes, we saw that in the Militant Squirrel’s Cave. Head back to the cave (in the Highlands, in case you’ve forgotten) , and you can now pick up the Birdseed. Back to the Nightingale tree, and the Birdseed will be used automatically.

With Caged Nightingale in hand, return to the Veldt Palace and give it to the Queen. In return, she will give you a Dragon Bridle.

With that, head to the Dragon Cave near the northern Southern Isle Dock, and bridle the Theyor Dragon. Now, try to mount it … yikes … danger! Elini will say you need a Dragon Rider … aha … we just happen to know where there is a Dragon Rider with nothing to do.

Go to the Veniara Islands jail and talk to Pirate John. He will join your party, ‘though some of your party members aren’t exactly happy about it. Now head back to the Dragon Cave and you will have a wonderful new means of transportation. The dragon flies … fast ... and can go anywhere the Skudder could, and a couple places it couldn’t.

Once you have the Dragon, you can buy a Locate Dragon Spell from the woman outside Elini’s home in Veldt … just the thing if you forget where you left your Dragon. (Of course, that’s NEVER happened to either of us! )

When you’re ready to head on, mount your dragon, fly due east from the Dragon Landing and you will eventually come to the top of an island with a Castle, a road, and another Dragon Landing. That is the island with Thais, the Blasted Lands, and the Dark (Water) Caverns. To land your dragon, stop where his shadow is over the glowing landing symbol, and press the Spacebar or Enter. To re-mount it, stand on the landing symbol and do the same.

Enter the Blasted Lands and follow the road until you reach the gates of Thais. (You might want to ponder for a minute that this desolate area was once the lush place we knew in Ahriman’s Prophecy.)

Enter Thais and explore it thoroughly. In one house you will see a torch burning on a back wall. ‘Look’ at it, and you will have a conversation with the owner and get a quest. Yes, you will need that torch later, but don’t need to worry about it just yet. Stock up on any needed supplies; buy better Equipment; rest; whatever you need to do. Fight the monsters in the Blasted Lands until you feel you’re ready to tackle tougher ones.

The Dark Caverns, where the daeva holding the Druid of Time’s soul is hidden, is south and east of Thais. Follow the road down to the signpost, and then back north and east until you see a ladder up to another level. Climb up that one, then down another and head east and north to the Caverns. There is a Save Crystal beside the entrance, a subtle reminder to save in more than one slot … the monsters inside the Caverns are a bit tough.

Explore the caverns thoroughly. Aesma is in a cave at the end of of a large cavern with lots of narrow paths through water. When you enter his cave, you won’t see him, but he will hit you several times before Lars says you need something to slow him down. What you need is at the top of the Beanstalk you planted long ago in the Enchanted Garden. Go climb the Beanstalk and you’ll find an object frozen in a block of ice at the top. Hmmm … what would melt ice … fire, right? Now where have we seen fire before? That’s right … that burning torch we told you would be necessary later. Since you’ve already receiver Hector’s Quest (if you’re following the walkthrough), you can head straight to Mysten Far, because the Glowberries are in Dreamworld, which you can only enter from Mysten Far.

To get to Mysten Far from Thais, fly the dragon all the way east to the edge of the world, then fly north until you see a tiny island with only mountains, a grassy area, a Temple, and a Dragon Landing on it. Land and enter the Mysten Far area. Talk to the Priestesses inside and outside the Temple (you can buy a few items there) and then head north as they told you to do. (On the way north, if you chose and have read the Climbing Guide, you can get a Charmed Orb for Lars’ Staff.)

You will come to a Save Crystal beside two Priestesses guarding a Statue … the entrance to Dreamworld. Of course, it isn’t quite that easy.  The Priestesses can’t let you enter Dreamworld unless you rescue one of their own who has gone missing. She was at the Mt Orion Shrine at last report.

So, of you go back to Mt Orion in Lands End. Climb Mt Orion and return to the Ogre’s cave. When you try to talk to him again, he says something unintelligible. (He may be carrying a huge club and look ferocious, but he is really a very peaceful creature.) Suddenly Oyane starts talking. You may not have noticed her standing just behind Ogre, since only part of her head was visible. In a conversation where you offer to kill the Ogre to rescue her, she adamantly refuses to allow you to do that. She says you need to make him go to sleep instead. Thankfully, you already have the Sleeping Dust if you’re following the Walkthrough. (If you don’t, you need to head back to the militant Squirrel’s Cave and get it from them. )

Use it to make Ogre take a nap, and Oyane will thank you and tell you she’ll be at Mysten Far if you ever need her.

Hop back on your Dragon and return to Mysten Far. Enter the Temple and talk to Oyane if you like, then head back to the two Priestesses guarding the Statue. They will now let you pass and enter Dreamworld. WARNING: TOUGH monsters ahead!

(tiniponi – Hint: The Shivens are resistant to Melee attacks, and the Dream Witches are resistant to most Magic attacks. I’ve found the following strategy works well: Both monsters are vulnerable to Mountain Yawn (Sword of Might) and Annihilate and Blast (Dragon Orb Staff). Te’ijal’s melee attack is very effective against Dream Witches, and Elini’s Indra works well against Shivens. of course, you may find other forms of attack you like better.)

Explore Dreamworld thoroughly. You might want to go to the Tear Shrine first, to get the Magic Picklock from the Blue Chest behind Agas. This unlocks a magically-locked Red Chest in another part of Dreamworld, in which is the Sword of Dreams, one of Rhen’s Swords of Power. You can either fight Agas now, or wait until you’ve gotten the Sword of Dreams … the choice is up to you.

When you do defeat Agas, you will receive the Dreamer’s Tear (although it looks like a soul orb, it isn’t). It is he key to restoring the Rainbow Bridge in the Memory Caverns.

While in Dreamworld, don’t forget to pick up the Glowberries for Hector. (There are other non-mandatory treasures scattered around.)

Now, you can head back to Thais to get the torch from hector, then on to Lands End to climb the Beanstalk again to melt that block of ice. Inside the ice is a Magic Clock … just the thing to slow down Aesma.

When you’re rested, return to Aesma’s cave in the Dark (Water) Caverns.

This is the last boss before Ahriman, so he’s gonna be hard …Once again, have Te’ijal and Pirate John attack him physically, Dameon shield/heal, and Rhen and Lars use offensive magic. Elini can summon, but make sure you don’t use up all of her mana at once, because this fight could last a while. Strangely enough, Aesma often heals himself instead of attacking so use that to your advantage.

- Saving the Druid -

When you finally have Vata’s soul as well as the Dreamer’s Tear, go to the Rainbow Bridge by the fairy village in the Memory Caverns (in Aveyond, just in case you forgot). When you ‘read’ the pillar beside the Bridge again, the Dreamer’s Tear will automatically be used to make the Rainbow Bridge appear. Cross it, enter the Time Shrine, and restore Vata, the Druid of Time’s soul.

When you return him to Aveyond, Vata offers Rhen a choice of either a Gauss Shield Spell, or the Cloak of Invisibility. The Gauss Shield Spell, when cast by Lars during battle, will summon an earth shield for the party. On the other hand, the Cloak of Invisibility will make the party invisible to monsters. So, depending on your needs or preferences, you are free to make your choice. Forgoing either of the items will not affect the plot.

The Sword of Shadows [swrd]

- After Gathering All the Druids in Aveyond -

It is now time. After traveling through the world of Aveyond, Rhen and company have finally gathered the eight druids together in the Sun Shrine. There, the Druids will combine their various powers and open a previously inaccessible door. Hidden there for centuries has been the dangerous Sword of Shadows, the only weapon that can destroy the Dark Lord, Ahriman.

Everyone in the Sun Shrine now tells Rhen she must take the Sword, as it is her destiny. Enter the small room, take Sword of Shadows from the pedestal, and equip it. This is Rhen’s ultimate weapon in this game, with the most powerful Skills. Now talk to the Oracle again, and Eithera will join the conversation. They tell you that Ahriman is possibly in the deeper parts of the Stronghold Temple in Veldt. (Remember the locked door in the Stronghold Temple that you couldn’t get through?) Eithera will then hand you the Crystal Key which unlocks that mysterious door, and warn you about the dangers beyond.

Now, be on your way, head back to Stronghold Temple (in the Southern Isle, near Veldt), and head north to the locked door. Unlock it using the Crystal Key, and you’ll enter the final dungeon, where Ahriman awaits.

The Final Showdown With Ahriman [shdwn]

- The Final Dungeon -

Past the locked door, in Ahriman’s Lair, you’ll find a fairly simple underground passageway. The areas on either side lead to treasure, while the middle path is the right way forward. The Wyverns and Angels of Death are tough, but with Pirate John and Te’ijal and their Elven rapiers, you shouldn’t face too much of a problem. Stationary Angels of Death block your way … but they’re just so cool!! An effective battle strategy against these two enemies is to have Lars inflict various status ailments on them so they will be unlikely to attack the party. If you are lucky, you get elixirs after fighting these enemies.

Continue on and you’ll enter Ahriman’s Castle. Like in the previous area, stationary Angels of Death are blocking your way, with Wyverns and one Wyr Rwvwyrn coming after you as fast as they can. There are fairies in two basement rooms along the way that may…or may not…help you. Look at them closely…does one of their faces look a bit green to you? Make sure you save before going through the final door, guarded by the Angel of Nightmares.

When you’re through exploring the place, head onwards and prepare for the final battle in the game (Meaning: save, heal and equip yourself properly!!!)

- The Final Battle: Face to Face with Ahriman -

When you finally come face to face with the Dark Lord himself, you find yourself in the place you saw him in your dream in the game’s opening scene. He seems amused by the party’s appearing. To your astonishment, as a cutscene unfolds, Ahriman speaks, and Dameon goes to stand at his side. You now remember you saw the Sun Priest being with Ahriman in the opening cutscene. Have all these trials you’ve endured together meant nothing to him?? Then, it must be true. Dameon IS a traitor.

However, it seems his feelings for Rhen are true. In fact, he invites Rhen to follow Ahriman with him. Here, you will be given a choice whether to follow Dameon and Ahriman, or try to talk Dameon out of it and convince him to fight Ahriman with you. (To get ending number one, choose to follow Dameon. For more details, please refer to the Endings section.)

Assuming you would like to continue basking in the sun rather than writhing away in darkness, you must choose to ‘fight’ Dameon. During this discussion, if you received the Fairy Dust from helping the lost fairies in the Demon Caverns, it will be used to show him the truth about Ahriman. … Remember the wise words a fairy told you: fairy dust always shows the truth… In seeing the truth, Dameon learns Sun Fury, an incredibly powerful offensive spell to which Ahriman is vulnerable. (Note: a possible glitch in the present version allows Dameon to learn this spell even if you don’t have the Fairy Dust. )

The time has now come to Ahriman in an effort to destroy him once and for all.

This ensuing battle’s difficulty is quite random, from easy as pie to unwinnable. If you’re really unlucky, you can be sure Ahriman will be casting nasty spells on your party every single turn. However, if Lady Luck is shining on you, you can simply wipe him out within a few turns, with no Mana or items spent on restoring your health. (tiniponi – it is delightful when he spends many of the rounds healing himself instead of hitting your party … he can’t possibly restore as many of his HP as your four party members can deal out in a turn.)

Here’s an effective battle strategy: Have Rhen use her most offensive magic, Pirate John and Te’ijal whack Ahriman with elven rapiers equipped, Lars make Ahriman confused, dizzy or sleepy followed by his most powerful magic spells, Dameon use his offensive spells, Elini use her ultimate summons, and do not use Mad Marge or Galahad unless you’re looking for a challenge here. Make sure you have either Lars or Daemon in your party so that there’s a healer to keep your party alive. It is also highly recommended to have both Te’ijal and Pirate John since they’re the most powerful attackers and can inflict the most damage. (tinippni - Having Lars cast Decompose in the very first round is ‘a very good thing’. That takes large amounts of Ahriman’s HP on every turn therafter. You might even cast Poison the next round and have both of them hitting each round.)

When Ahriman finally dies, Dameon hurriedly tells you to use the Sword of Shadows. When you do so, Ahriman is vaporized … never to be heard from again (we hope!).

When the battle is truly over, you realize that instead of a “The End” screen, you can still walk about and control your characters. Hmm … interesting. So, what’s the first thing you should do? Report to the Sun Shrine in Aveyond!! When you enter, you will find you’re the only one still in your party. The others are all now milling around in the Sun Shrine. Talk to the Oracle, and she will say you now have a choice to make. She then tells you of three ways you can live out the rest of your life. Before you actually tell her your choice, you might want to talk to everyone. You can say your goodbyes and find out what they plan to do.

Now save your game (in more than one slot) and talk to the Oracle one more time to tell her which fate you have chosen. This will determine the game’s ending for you, so please refer to Endings number two, three and four under the Endings section just below for more details. Remember to choose wisely!! ^_^ (Note: If you want to try all the endings, be sure you have a backup savegame just before you tell the Oracle your choice. When you’ve completed one, you can go back and do another, until you’ve done all three.)

Endings [endgs]

There are four different endings for the player to choose from in Aveyond, and, well, honestly, all of them are rather… (er hrm!!) skimpy except for one of them (which is apparently the proposed or rather more like ideal ending for the game)…

Okay, actually, there’re five, but technically, dying doesn’t really count. ^_^()


Ending number one:
Rhen and Dameon fall into darkness, choosing to serve Ahriman and help him destroy the world
Deciding not to fight Ahriman, Rhen joins Dameon and offers her services to the Dark Lord. Together they bring forth darkness to the world. However, the two slowly lose all trace of humanity (including their emotions for each other) and remain lost in darkness………
How to Trigger:
Choose this when Dameon offers Rhen eternal power, just before the fight with Ahriman.

Ending number two:
Rhen returns to Clearwater after defeating Ahriman
After defeating Ahriman, Rhen returns to Clearwater, the village where she grew up. She marries Danny, the baker’s son, and the two lead simple lives and live in peace for the rest of their days…
How to Trigger:
Choose this option when you talk to the oracle at the Sun Shrine in Aveyond after defeating Ahriman.

Ending number three:
Rhen chooses to live by herself in Devin’s cottage in the forest after defeating Ahriman
After defeating Ahriman, Rhen yearns for a peaceful life, and goes to live alone in Devin’s cottage. Living quietly there, she ages away in self-isolation, and no one ever hears from her again.
How to Trigger:
Choose this option when you talk to the oracle at the Sun Shrine in Aveyond after defeating Ahriman.

Ending number four:
Rhen chooses to go back to Thais and become successor to the throne after defeating Ahriman
Rhen chooses to head back to Thais with Dameon after defeating Ahriman, finally having the courage and determination to make known her status as princess and successor to the throne. She marries Dameon (who of course becomes King of Thais), and the two live happily ever after. The people of Thais also live in bliss and peace under the successful reign of Rhen and Dameon. (note: this is the ideal ending for the game. You even get to see Rhen in a wedding dress, with a fancy new hairstyle!!)
How to Trigger:
Choose this option when you talk to the oracle at the Sun Shrine in Aveyond after defeating Ahriman.

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