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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks

by Abby on 06-21-2019

It's time to brandish your wands and dust off the old potions cauldren as you get ready to team up with Harry Potter and friends to fight the Calamity - a dangerous spell that's been unleashed on the Wizarding World and that threatens to reveal its secrets to the muggles worldwide. Do you have what it takes to return the foundables to their rightful place? Find out in this fun, new mobile game from Niantic. 

Hermes: Rescue Mission

by Abby on 05-16-2019

In Hermes Rescue Mission, you'll put your resource management skills to the ultimate test as you race through the lands of man trying to restore the people's faith in the old gods and save Olympus from being destroyed by the evil god Hades. 

Amber's Airline: 7 Wonders

by Abby on 05-10-2019

Climb aboard Amber's Airlines: 7 Wonders, a time management travel game, and visit the 7 Wonders of the World with spunky Amber and her friends and coworkers as you serve customers, take photos, get caught up in the drama, and make plenty of memories. 

Cooking Trip

by Abby on 04-29-2019

Cooking Trip is a fast-paced time management game that will put your culinary skills to the test as you help John and Mary train with the top 3 chefs from around the world through 60 intense levels. Do you have what it takes to be the best chef you can be and open up your own restaurant? Find out in this exciting cooking game! 

Farm Tribe: Dragon Island

by Abby on 04-12-2019

Farm Tribe Dragon Island will whisk you away on the back of a tornado to a new land desperate for your farming expertise. You better plant quickly, the natives of this new land are starving and are relying on you to not only feed them but save them from a dangerous menace. 

Viking Sisters

by Abby on 04-01-2019

Viking Sisters switches the narrative on us and finally shines the spotlight on the ladies of the viking age Helga and her sister Brunhilda. After an evil sorceress turns the viking men into stone statues, it's up to the girls to save them. Can you help the Viking Sisters, with the aid of the goddess Freya, save the day and destroy the evil sorceress? 

Fabulous: Angela's True Colors

by Abby on 03-26-2019

Angela is at it again in and this time the stakes are higher than ever as her friends have put up their savings to fund her dreams of becoming a true fashion star. Can Angela overcome her insecurities and be true to herself in a plastic world of cutthroat fashion critics? Find out in this new Fabulous Angela game!

Elven Legend 7: The New Generation

by Abby on 03-25-2019

Elven Legend 7: The New Generation is a fantasy based time management game that follows the story of Princess Sonja, a young elf princess about to embark on her very first adventure. Help her as she learns the hard way that not every stranger offering her aid is the trustworthy sort. 


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